Spain: Diaphanum launches IronIA Fintech as a fund platform

In Spain, Diaphanum launched IronIA Fintech, a fund platform that aims to give small investors access to investment funds. This was reported to Corona Millionaire en Español, through a press release, on June 18.

„IronIA Fintech solves two of the main problems faced by any small saver: access to the quality product, which is usually restricted to high net worth clients, and the difficulty of handling the necessary tools to identify it and know how to combine it,“ they said.

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„Diaphanum is committed to expanding its service portfolio, trying to reach a new segment of customers who do not have the facilities to have quality financial services,“ they added later in the statement.

On the other hand, they detailed that IronIA Fintech will allow the client to build its portfolio with information and a product rating system that includes an analysis criterion of 17 variables, measured in multiple different periods. In addition, they advised that the client will not have to create a bank account, which reduces the number of steps required to complete the necessary legal information. „The product, operated directly with the client’s current bank, follows the international PSD2 regulation, which allows the client’s money to travel from his current account to the investment fund without the need for any other intermediate depository, with the fund itself being the final custodian,“ they specified.

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Diaphanum president Rafael Gascó said:

„At Diaphanum we were born to transform the industry, with a clear commitment to true independence and the absence of conflicts of interest, and with an obvious digital component from the beginning, which has now materialized with the launch of IronIA Fintech“.