Jim Cramer de CNBC dice que no comprará Bitcoin por encima de los 20.000 dólares tras la caída del 20%

„Esto no es diferente a una acción completamente errática“, dijo Cramer.

Jim Cramer, el presentador de Mad Money de CNBC, dijo que todavía está „jugando con el dinero de la casa“ después de vender algunas de sus criptomonedas antes de la reciente caída de precios

En una entrevista con TheStreet, Jim Cramer dijo que todavía creía en Bitcoin Billionaire a pesar de una corrección de precios de $ 10,000 en los últimos tres días. Sin embargo, agregó que es poco probable que compre más a menos que el precio sea inferior a 20.000 dólares.

„Mi objetivo era sacar mi dinero en efectivo para no tener que pensar en ello“, dijo Cramer. “Si vuelve a estar por debajo de los 20.000 dólares, volveré a ser comprador.

Pero obtuve mi costo y estoy jugando con el dinero de la casa. Esto no es diferente a una acción completamente errática „

El anfitrión de CNBC informó que había „vendido suficiente Bitcoin“ la semana pasada para cubrir su participación inicial en el activo criptográfico. Según los informes, Cramer compró su primer Bitcoin a mediados de diciembre cuando el precio estaba en los $ 17,000, en ese momento lo llamó un „nivel decente“.

El precio de Bitcoin ha caído más del 23% desde que alcanzó un récord de más de $ 42,000 el viernes. Actualmente cotiza a 32.192 dólares.

Crypto.com co-founder launches Particle B, a DeFi project incubator

Crypto.com (CRO) platform co-founder Gary Or is launching Particle B, a decentralized finance (DeFi) project incubator. This startup accelerator will focus on projects built on Crypto.Com Chain and Ethereum.

Feeding the Crypto.com ecosystem

Gary Gold , co-founder and CTO of Crypto.com, just founded Particle B . This startup accelerator will help projects based on Crypto.com Chain and Ethereum (ETH) to grow.

This initiative follows the explosion of the decentralized finance sector, on which Crypto.com intends to bet in 2021 . Over the past 12 months, DeFi has grown at a staggering rate, with its Total Locked-In Value (TVL) hovering around $ 15 billion this month. As a reminder, DeFi’s TVL in 2019 at the same period amounted to $ 700 million.

In addition, the Crypto.com blockchain is preparing to deploy its mainnet , which, according to initial results, is capable of processing several thousand transactions per second with a confirmation time of a few seconds.

With such capabilities, Particle B will therefore support Bitcoin Bank application developers wishing to deploy their products on Crypto.com Chain. Thus, from 2021, Particle B plans to launch at least 1 DeFi project per quarter .

Although its primary interest is the development of decentralized finance, Particle B even plans in the future to incubate startups working on projects related to Bitcoin (BTC):

“Gary is one of the brightest minds in crypto, and his contributions to Crypto.com are unparalleled. We are extremely excited about his decision to found Particle B, which will help energize the Crypto.com Chain ecosystem, vvv, ”added Kris Marszalek, CEO of Crypto.com.

The support of Particle B will benefit the entire Crypto.com ecosystem and its users, who will discover new DeFi products at a steady pace. It should be noted that Crypto.com has already taken several steps towards DeFi, most notably with the introduction of Supercharger , a platform for cultivating DeFi tokens by providing liquidity in a pool .

The crypto-card of Crypto.com

With the deployment of the mainnet of its blockchain which is approaching and the arrival of DeFi applications, holding CRO tokens on Crypto.com offers more and more advantages.

The platform notably has its famous crypto-card, which allows you to obtain 1 to 8% cashback on all purchases . This percentage changes depending on the number of CRO tokens that the user stakes on the platform.

Depending on the model, other benefits are added to the cashback, such as the full refund of Spotify, Netfix or Amazon Prime subscriptions.

In addition, under certain conditions and using the link below, each user can receive a $ 25 bonus by ordering one of the crypto-cards from the Metal range.

For example, to receive Ruby Steel – the first card in the Metal range – it is necessary to deposit 2,500 CRO tokens on the platform. At the time of writing, that corresponds to € 118 . Using this card allows you to get 2% cashback on all purchases, as well as the refund of a Spotify subscription.

Monetary revolution and innovation – Aleph.im rewards you for putting an end to centralization!

Aleph.im is a new technology allowing developers to use databases and computing power, all distributed in a decentralized manner. The project announced this week the launch of its staking service over the next few weeks with key dates: December 18, December 25, and January 11 . The efforts of Moshe Malawach, CEO and main developer of the project are paying off. The validator nodes and the reward system are ready.

The arrival of validation and rewards at Aleph.im

Aleph.im is a project to decentralize database and cloud computing services . Aleph.im is positioned as a facilitator of a transition to decentralized services, allowing blockchain projects to be totally independent from systems such as AWS and Google Cloud. Aleph.im is not a blockchain, but a peer-to-peer network with a “ built-in incentivization mechanism ” allowing interoperability with a multitude of blockchains. It is among others Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos and BinanceChain which are today integrated into the Aleph.im ecosystem.

Blockchain blockchain 3

The project is currently focusing its efforts on DeFi , which despite its name, still all too often relies on centralized infrastructures. In order to capitalize on the enthusiasm caused by this new phenomenon, Aleph.im has just formalized its rewards validation system. An objective of 30 knots has been set, and should be reached during January 2021. During this initial phase, the main nodes will have 5 major functions:

Why staker?

The answer to this question is roughly the same for all projects. Users can stake their tokens to improve the security and decentralization of a growing project. They are encouraged to do so, since they are rewarded in the form of tokens. Aleph.im is no exception to the rule, and offers an enticing reward scheme .

Currently, only the central nodes are online. By stacking on the node of your choice, you will allow it to obtain or keep the status of main node . This status gives more weight in the management and validation of the network, but also a larger pool of rewards.

Comment staker?
In order to participate in the Aleph.im network and collect your rewards, you must have three things:

ALEPH tokens, available on Uniswap (recommended), Kucoin or MXC
A wallet compatible with the ERC-20 standard (Metamask, Ledger, etc.)
Your favorite web browser

Once your tokens have been transferred to your wallet, everything happens on the dApp dedicated to staking developed by Aleph.im. For better security of your funds, staking is recorded in the form of messages on the Ethereum blockchain . Therefore, your tokens never leave your wallet.

Bitcoin SV Price: I tori possono conquistare presto il mercato di BSV

Gli Acquirenti stanno cercando di dominare il mercato di BSV

La ripartizione del livello di prezzo di 152 dollari può spingere il prezzo al livello di supporto di 130 dollari, a condizione che il livello di 134 dollari non tenga. La mancata rottura del livello di $152 può portare all’aumento del prezzo che può portare il prezzo al livello di resistenza di $171, $185 e $198.
Mercato BSV/USD

  • Livelli chiave:
  • Livelli di resistenza: $171, $185, $198
    Livelli di supporto: $152, $134, $130

BSV/USD Tendenza a lungo termine: Bearish

Il prezzo della Bitcoin Billionaire viene rifiutato al livello di resistenza significativo. BSV ha testato i livelli di resistenza di 198 dollari due volte; il primo tocco è stato il 26 novembre, il prezzo si è ritirato. I tori hanno spinto la moneta a testare lo stesso livello il 04 dicembre, il momentum rialzista non è stato sufficiente a rompere il livello di resistenza di $185. Questo scenario fa sì che il livello sia un livello significativo per i trader. Il prezzo scende al di sotto del livello di supporto di $171, si sta tirando indietro al momento per testare nuovamente il livello di resistenza di $171.

Il BSV ha attraversato i due livelli di supporto dinamico, facendo trading verso il supporto di $152. La rottura del livello di prezzo di $152 potrebbe spingere il prezzo al livello di supporto di $130 a condizione che il livello di $134 non tenga. La mancata rottura del livello di $152 può portare all’aumento del prezzo che può portare il prezzo al livello di resistenza di $171, $185 e $198.

Tendenza a medio termine BSV/USD: Bearish

BSVUSD è ribassista nel grafico a 4 ore. La moneta ha testato il livello di resistenza di 185 dollari per tre volte. Il prezzo ha penetrato il livello di supporto di $171 al ribasso e il prezzo sta scendendo verso il livello di $152. Sembra che lo slancio ribassista si stia indebolendo e il prezzo sta salendo per testare il livello di $171 al momento.

BSV sta negoziando al di sopra dei 9 periodi EMA e 21 periodi EMA al livello di $171. I due EMA sono vicini l’uno all’altro, il che indica una bassa volatilità del mercato. Il periodo 14 dell’indice di forza relativa punta verso l’alto, il che indica un segnale buy.

Oppdag en måte å tjene 8 000 € i måneden på Bitcoin og besparelser

ArbiSmart.com er en regulert, crypto arbitrage investeringsplattform som genererer vanvittig mye sus i kryptorommet akkurat nå. Hvorfor? Fordi det tilbyr fortjeneste på opptil 45% i året, med nesten ingen risiko i det hele tatt!

Slik gjør de det:

Det grunnleggende

Crypto arbitrage er en investeringsstrategi som generelt anses å være en av de laveste risikostrategiene der ute. Det innebærer å utnytte det faktum at en kryptovaluta kort kan være tilgjengelig på en rekke børser samtidig til forskjellige priser. I løpet av dette mulighetsvinduet kan mynten kjøpes på børsen der den er billigst, og deretter selges på børsen der den er dyrest, slik at den næringsdrivende kan tjene penger på spredningen.

ArbiSmart har en AI-basert maskinlæringsalgoritme som skanner 35 forskjellige kryptokursutvekslinger samtidig, døgnet rundt for å identifisere og dra nytte av ubalanser i digital valuta. Det automatiserte systemet, som kan håndtere et stort volum transaksjoner på en gang, er i stand til å reagere på nye crypto arbitrage-muligheter i varpshastighet, i god tid før markedet tilpasser seg og den midlertidige prisforskjellen løses.

De gode nyhetene

ArbiSmart-plattformen er EU-lisensiert. Dette betyr at du legger dine hardt opptjente penger i trygge hender. Som et regulert selskap blir de regelmessig revidert for å sikre at klient- og selskapsfond forblir atskilt, og at et forsikringsfond opprettholdes for å dekke all klientkapital i nødstilfeller. Selskapet må også gjennomgå kriminell journalkontroll for alt personell og implementere databeskyttelsesprotokoller for datasikkerhet, samt strenge KYC- og AML-prosedyrer.

Alt dette gir en tryggere krypto-investeringsopplevelse. Du kan investere med tryggheten som kommer fra å vite at selskapet har tilsyn med myndighetene, med tøffe teknologiske sikkerhetstiltak på plass for å garantere integriteten til kontoen din, og full dekning hvis selskapet noen gang har hatt et vellykket brudd.

Det er også alltid en person på slutten av linjen som kan hjelpe deg 24 timer i døgnet. I tillegg til telefonsupport, kan du alltid nå ArbiSmart-teamet via e-post, chat, Telegram, Twitter, Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp og mer.

Dette er sannsynligvis en av hovedårsakene til at selskapet allerede har et så solid omdømme på nettet. Toppsider, fra Krypto-monitor og Cointelegraph, til Hackernoon, Nasdaq.com og NewsBTC har sittet opp og lagt merke til. Legg til dette, 4,4 av 5 stjerner på kryptokundesiden Trustpilot og en flom av positive tilbakemeldinger på tvers av sosiale medier.

De enda bedre nyhetene

Det mest spennende faktum om ArbiSmart-plattformen er at den garanterer vanvittig avkastning på din Bitcoin. Inntjeningen starter med en generøs 10,8% og når så høyt som 45% for større investorer. Selv i kryptorommet er denne typen fortjeneste uhørt, men det blir enda bedre herfra.

Når du registrerer deg med ArbiSmart, setter du inn penger i enten fiat eller crypto, og så er din del ferdig. Mens du fortsetter resten av dagen, konverterer den helautomatiske plattformen automatisk kapitalen din til RBIS, det opprinnelige tokenet og bruker det til krypto-arbitragehandel på dine vegne. Når som helst kan du ta ut fortjenesten din i EUR, eller du kan beholde dem i RBIS, noe som alltid er verdsatt.

RBIS-token er ikke engang oppført ennå, men i halvannet år siden den ble introdusert, har den allerede økt med mer enn 120% i verdi. Gitt økende klientoppkjøp, i tråd med utviklingen av nye produkter og tjenester og den økende populariteten til plattformen, forventes RBIS-verdien å øke med 3000% innen utgangen av 2021.

Dette oversettes til kalde, harde kontanter, siden du tjener kapitalgevinster på den økende verdien av tokenet i tillegg til din crypto arbitrage-fortjeneste.

De virkelig gode nyhetene

ArbiSmart er ikke ferdig med å tilby nesten risikofrie inntektsmuligheter på din Bitcoin. I løpet av de neste par månedene vil selskapet lansere den ArbiSmart rentebærende lommeboken.

Du trenger ikke å være en crypto-arbitrage-plattformsklient for å dra nytte av lommeboken, selv om det er et flott sted å sette fortjenesten i arbeid. Renter på krypto og fiat kan nå opptil 45% i året, avhengig av kontovaluta, innskuddsbeløp og valgt sparekonto.


Hvis du leter etter en plattform der du kan nyte fordelene med bitcoinvolatilitet, med nær null risiko, er ArbiSmart definitivt et flott alternativ for deg. Siden plattformen er helautomatisk, kreves det ingen innsats eller markedskunnskap når du har registrert og finansiert kontoen din.

Rush too big? – Poloniex temporarily defaults shortly before the new Bitcoin record high

If all eyes are on Bitcoin, some crypto exchanges are probably overwhelmed by the onslaught.

While the record high for Bitcoin is getting more and more within striking distance, the cryptocurrency had to forego the support of the Poloniex crypto exchange, at least temporarily

„Poloniex is currently unavailable due to an unexpected problem“, as the customer service of the trading platform reported yesterday, Friday . „We are investigating the problem and will keep you up to date,“ the platform continues.

Bitcoin has been on a seemingly unstoppable climb in recent weeks, which is increasingly moving the cryptocurrency into the spotlight . However, this can mean that the systems of some crypto exchanges go to their knees due to the high traffic. Even large trading platforms like BitMEX and Bitcoin Era have struggled with similar problems in the past.

A little later it was said that “Poloniex is no longer in maintenance mode”

In the meantime, normal operations have returned to the trading platform, and all crypto currencies can be traded as usual. Crypto futures can also be traded again.

Bitcoin, meanwhile, is climbing ever closer to the previous record high of $ 20,000. Many experts believe that growing interest in the mainstream is the driving force behind it. This year, in addition to major investor Paul Tudor Jones, payment service provider Square and software manufacturer MicroStrategy have already invested large amounts in the cryptocurrency.

Cointelegraph has asked Poloniex for comments, but has not received any feedback by the editorial deadline. This article will be updated as soon as there is an answer.

El precio de Bitcoin debe romper este nivel para extender la racha ganadora de 6 semanas

El precio de Bitcoin puede estar a punto de agotarse después de registrar su sexta vela verde semanal consecutiva.

El precio de Bitcoin ha mostrado una fortaleza significativa ya que Bitcoin ( BTC ) se recuperó en más del 60% en cuestión de seis semanas, subiendo de $ 10,000 a $ 16,500 y dejando atrás a muchos inversores.

Estos inversionistas estaban esperando el cierre de la brecha de CME en $ 9,600 , lo que no ocurrió. Sin embargo, ¿pueden los mercados esperar que se produzca una corrección o es probable que los mercados se fortalezcan más?

Bitcoin publica la sexta vela semanal verde consecutiva

El gráfico diario muestra algunos niveles cruciales para observar. Si el precio de Bitcoin quiere continuar con su impulso alcista, la zona de resistencia anterior tiene que cambiar para obtener soporte.

Un ejemplo similar se muestra a través de la ruptura anterior en $ 13,200. Esta área actuó como resistencia antes de la ruptura, pero inmediatamente cambió para convertirse en un nuevo soporte. Este cambio de soporte / resistencia garantizó una mayor continuación a $ 16,500.

El área de $ 15,500– $ 15,700 implica la misma construcción crítica que el área anterior de $ 13,200. Mantener el área de $ 15,500– $ 15,700 significa que es probable que continúe al alza, mientras que una ruptura confirma la divergencia bajista que debería empujar el precio hacia abajo. Este movimiento a la baja puede incluso hacer que BTC caiga al nivel de $ 14,000.

El marco de tiempo semanal muestra un nivel de resistencia preciso en $ 12,000, que se rompió hace seis semanas

La siguiente zona de resistencia masiva se encuentra entre $ 15,750 y $ 16,500, que se alcanzó la semana pasada .

Sin embargo, ¿es probable una continuación después de un aumento tan masivo? Un argumento es que todavía hay muchos niveles no probados por debajo del precio spot actual donde se puede encontrar liquidez.

Además, el sentimiento ha pasado de bajista a eufóricamente alcista a medida que más instituciones se suben al tren de Bitcoin, por lo que un retroceso no debería ser una sorpresa .

Como muestra el gráfico, aún podría ocurrir una corrección hacia $ 12,000, que solía ser un nivel crítico. Este nivel se rompió después de mantenerse durante dos años. Sin embargo, no se realizó una nueva prueba de esta zona.

Los inversores y comerciantes deben observar este nivel como una posible entrada de interés.

Jimmy Song: Das 20-jährige Überleben von Bitcoin wird seinen wahren Wert beweisen Jimmy Song Bitcoin

Der beliebte Bitcoin-Befürworter und Entwickler Jimmy Song sagte, dass die Kryptowährung nur dann wirklich als Wertspeicher angesehen werden würde, wenn sie zwei Jahrzehnte überleben könnte. Song gab dies heute in einem Interview mit einem japanischen lokalen Medienunternehmen, Dg Lab Haus, bekannt.

Der Bitcoin-Entwickler glaubt, dass die Anlageklasse die Welt davon überzeugen muss, dass sie als Wertspeicher genutzt werden kann, indem sie 20 Jahre ohne größere Probleme überlebt.

Als dies erreicht ist, sagte Song, dass mehr Menschen BTC als je zuvor einführen werden

„Die einzige Möglichkeit, den wahren Wert von Bitcoin Code als“ Wertspeicher „-Technologie zu beweisen, besteht darin, dass Bitcoin […] überlebt, wenn wir 20 Jahre ohne größere Probleme erreichen. Ich denke, dass mehr Menschen es verwenden werden“, sagte Jimmy Song.

Viele Finanzexperten haben sich in die Debatte eingemischt, ob Bitcoin als Wertspeicher eingestuft werden sollte oder nicht.

Für einige, obwohl die größte Kryptowährung nach Marktkapitalisierung seit über 12 Jahren besteht und sie zählen, glauben sie, dass es zu früh ist, sie als Wertspeicher zu deklarieren.

Auf der anderen Seite glauben viele, dass BTC als eine Währung betrachtet werden sollte, die nur dann einen Wertspeicher besitzt, wenn ihr Preis stabil ist.

Trotz der Meinung von Song zu Bitcoin haben mehrere Investoren, insbesondere institutionelle Akteure, die Kryptowährung übernommen

In jüngster Zeit wurde Bitcoin als „digitales Gold“ beschrieben, da es gewisse Ähnlichkeiten mit physischem Gold aufweist. Bitcoin wurde auf einen Gesamtvorrat von 21 Millionen Münzen programmiert, eine Funktion, die seinen Wert im Laufe der Zeit erhöhen würde.

Mehrere große Unternehmen meldeten große BTC-Käufe, um sich vor den negativen Auswirkungen der globalen Pandemie zu schützen.

Im vergangenen Monat, Digital – Asset – Management – Gesellschaft Graustufen veröffentlichten seinen bahnbrechende Q3 2020 Finanzbericht mit seinem Bitcoin Vertrauen eines satten $ 719.300.000 aus dem $ 1,05 Mrd. erhöht über alle Produkte der Aufnahme.

Blackmail and Bitcoin money laundering: Vinnik trial begins in Paris

Vinnik must now stand trial for the $ 4 billion BTC stolen from the Mt. Gox exchange.

The trial of Alexander Vinnik for alleged Bitcoin ( BTC ) laundering worth $ 4 billion began on Monday in Paris

However, despite alleged links to the hack attack on Mt. Gox that stole 300,000 BTC in 2014, prosecutors are focused on a $ 135 million ransomware scam. This was aimed at French companies and organizations between 2016 and 2018.

According to The Associated Press Vinnik is for extortion, money laundering and criminal association charged . 20 victims of the „Locky“ malware have paid a ransom in Bitcoin Trend App via BTC-e.

Vinnik is said to have been one of the authors of the malware and the former operator of the now offline cryptocurrency exchange. He claimed, however, that he was only a technical advisor at BTC-e and had no knowledge of any wrongdoing.

If Vinnik is found guilty, he faces up to 10 years in prison

As reported by Cointelegraph, Vinnik was arrested in Greece in 2017 at the behest of the US authorities.

A legal tug-of-war followed, in which prosecutors from France, the USA and Russia requested his extradition. Vinnik himself wanted to be extradited to Russia, where he could face lesser sentences.

At the beginning of the year, the Greek authorities decided that he should be extradited first to France, then to the US and finally to Russia.

After his extradition to France, the Russian authorities unsuccessfully requested that he be returned to his home country under house arrest .

Should it come to trial in the United States, he will likely face the $ 4 billion hack attack on Mt. Gox. The 300,000 BTC that were stolen in the hack attack were reportedly laundered via BTC-e and Vinnik’s personal wallets.

Fidelity: ‚there is almost no relationship between Bitcoin yields and other assets‘.

In recent years, many have wondered whether or not the price of Bitcoin was related to other financial assets, such as equities.

A recent report published by Fidelity Digital Assets sheds light on the subject.

Fidelity’s in-depth study, entitled Bitcoin Investment Thesis: Bitcoin’s Role As An Alternative Investment, not only shows the lack of correlation between Bitcoin’s price and mainstream financial assets, but also points to higher returns for BTC investors over a long-term time horizon.

The report states:

„The correlation of Bitcoin with other assets from January 2015 to September 2020 (represented in the table below) shows an average of 0.11, indicating that there is almost no correlation between Profit Revolution returns and other assets“.

The value of 0.11 is placed on a scale between -1 and 1, where the score of 1 means an impeccable correlation, while -1 represents a completely opposite price action, as specified in the report. If Bitcoin had a score of -1, for example, the price of the asset would increase when the shares go down. A score of 0 would imply that the movements of no other asset affect the price of Bitcoin.

In recent years, there have been times when Bitcoin seems to have traced prices in line with mainstream markets. In March 2020, following the first news about COVID-19, BTC collapsed along with the shares. However, the digital asset recovered much faster, with higher relative gains. More recently, Bitcoin has suffered a slight decline in parallel with equities, caused by the news about delays in grant funding.

Despite these short-term effects, Fidelity reported that „Bitcoin has distinct underlying fundamentals that are not affected by the health and economic situation created by COVID-19.

In the report, Fidelity noted that Bitcoin’s unrelated nature may be partly due to a new era of retail investment interest driven by social media.

The study further discusses the fact that Bitcoin presents a number of interesting narratives for various categories of investors. Despite the debate about Bitcoin’s role as a reservoir of value or medium of exchange, „one of the best features of Bitcoin is that its success does not depend on performing a single function.

Over the past decade, the price of the digital asset has increased dramatically, surpassing the parity with US dollar, gold and other benchmark assets, as described in the past by the crypto analyst and creator of the PlanB stock-to-flow model. During this journey, the perception of Bitcoin for some has changed from a transactional currency to a reserve value.

Bitcoin’s age also plays a role in its lack of correlation. „Bitcoin is a young asset that, until recently, had no ties to traditional markets,“ explained the report. „As it is integrated into institutional portfolios, it may become increasingly correlated with other assets.

Since the launch of Bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 2017, a growing number of asset-based trading products have reached the crypto industry. Since then, options on Bitcoin have also reached the mainstream markets. As reported in the Fidelity report, correlations may begin to emerge, now possibly visible in part in the „CME gap theory“, to which many crypto traders attach particular importance.

In general, however, Fidelity found a lack of mainstream correlation for crypto asset prices, citing a Yale University study that looked at several major crypto currencies, including BTC and Ethereum (ETH).

Fidelity commented:

„According to this analysis, the return behavior of all digital assets, including Bitcoin, cannot be explained by risk factors justifying returns in stocks, currencies or precious metals, nor by macroeconomic factors such as growth in non-durable consumption, growth in durable consumption, growth in industrial production and growth in personal income“.

Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital and crypto expert, has often described Bitcoin as an unrelated asset. In an uncertain global situation, such an asset could be a hedge, at least according to MicroStrategy, a major financial operator that recently invested $400 million in BTC.